Handcrafted Spice Funnels

If you have ever spilled a load of peppercorns all over the counter (or floor) while refilling your pepper mill, you’ll appreciate this . . .

Mapleseed Gallery Spice FunnelIntroducing our new handcrafted wood spice funnels.

Handturned from a variety of domestic and exotic hardwoods, these funnels are the perfect accessory for filling your grinder.

Made by Irwin Seidman, these turned and textured spice funnels have a 1” diameter* hole at the bottom of the funnel which is sized to fit our handmade artisan spice mills, it will also work great with other handmade or commercially made mills with an opening of 1” or greater.

The generous 2 1/2” diameter* top rim provides ample room to easily (and cleanly) pour in your favourite peppercorns, sea-salt or other dried spices.

This simple kitchen accessory makes filling your spice mill soooo much easier.

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* Please note: [1] This is a handmade item and diameter sizes are approximate. [2] Spicemills.ca spice grinders (by Irwin Seidman)  are made with ceramic mechanisms and can grind peppercorns, dry sea-salt and most dried spices. If you are using any other kind of pepper mill, check with your manufacturer before using salt or other spices in your grinder.