Spice Bowls

Combining art and function, our handturned Spice Bowls are perfect for sorting and mixing dry spices

Whether you are preparing a simple seasoning for the grill or a complex blend of spices for that special dinner . . .  our spice bowls are a great addition to any kitchen.

Handmade Spice Bowls my Mapleseed Gallery on spicemills.ca - Great peppermill accessoryUsing a wide assortment of domestic and exotic woods, each Spice Bowl is hand selected for its unique colour, grain, and texture.  The natural elements of each piece of wood dictate the end result, and the finished one-of-a-kind bowl is always in harmony with the wood.

Use them to mix spices and herbs, or to serve your favourite snacks.

Our spice bowls have been finished with a food safe (non-toxic) blend of oils and waxes.

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