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Handmade Pepper, Salt & Spice Mills

The ultimate combination of art and function . . . a hand turned wood mill spices up any culinary experience and adds elegance to your kitchen and dining room.

Handmade spice mills, pepper mills and salt mills from

Nothing beats the taste and texture of freshly ground pepper, salt, or spices. Whether used in the preparation of a fine meal, or as a table grinder for everyday use, our mills are an exceptional kitchen tool and the ideal dining accessory.

About our mills:

Using only the finest select domestic and exotic hardwoods, each spice mill is handmade in Owen Sound (Ontario) by professional woodturner Irwin Seidman. Featuring his signature minaret design, variations in size, texture, wood grain and colour make every mill truly a one of a kind.

Our wood mill blanks are hand picked for quality, stability and visual appeal. Primarily sourced from Canadian timbers, we also use exotic timbers from around the world. Regardless of where the wood originates, environmental responsibility is important to us and we do our best to know our suppliers so that we can trust the environmental integrity of their supply chain [1].

Colour and grain pattern are natural to the wood. Dyes, stains or other colourants are not normally used on our mills [2].

After being turned and shaped on a woodlathe, each mill is meticulously finished with seven hand rubbed coats of the best quality earth friendly (non-toxic) blend of oils. Once cured, the finish is hand buffed with an additional protective coat of our own special blend [3] of foodsafe (non-toxic) oils and waxes.

Beyond the beautiful design and fine craftsmanship, our grinders are all designed to function equally well as a pepper mill, salt mill or spice mill.

Handturned artisan pepper,salt & spice mills by Irwin SeidmanMade with an authentic CrushGrind™ ceramic mechanism, our mills are all guaranteed [4] to grind for life. Why do we choose to use an authentic CrushGrind™ ceramic mechanism in our mills? It’s simple… we take such great care to ensure that our wood mills are handmade and hand finished to the finest standards, and it would be a pity to use anything but the very best quality grinding mechanisms in them.

CrushGrind™ revolutionized the grinding business by introducing a unique ceramic mechanism, designed to grind not only pepper but also salt, spices and even coffee. The heart of the mechanism is its harder than steel ceramic cone and crown. Well designed, reliable, durable, easy to adjust . . . we believe that they are simply the best grinding mechanisms available today!

Let your inner chef out… Bon Appétit

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[1] Our wood is obtained from many different commercial, retail and private sources. We strongly believe in environmental responsibility and do our best to ensure that our suppliers follow responsible purchasing, sourcing and harvesting practices. Some of our suppliers are FSC certified, but as the exact origin of every wood blank, billet or board purchased cannot be 100% guaranteed to us, we are not able to claim 100% compliance to FSC or other standards. We do however promise to be diligent when selecting suppliers and sourcing wood for our products. We believe that environmental responsibility goes beyond just the wood we use. Our Artisan Spice Mills™ are finished only with the finest quality, Canadian made, earth friendly oils and waxes, and our shopping bags are all recyclable and biodegradable.

[2] All colour is natural to the wood except as follows: [a] Our limited edition line of dyed ash mills features the addition of NGR dyes to achieve a vibrant modern contrast to the traditional minaret shape. [b] Our limited edition line of two-tone mills sometimes features mill tops that have been coloured with NGR dyes or other colourants to achieve an ebonized look. NONE of the mills or bowls pictured on this page have been coloured and the rich tones are all completely natural to the woods.

[3] We use and recommend “ Salad Bowl and Cutting Board Wood Cream with organic Beeswax“. It is a rich blend of food grade mineral oil, beeswax, carnauba wax, lemon oil and tea tree oil.

[4] Click here to view the full limited lifetime warranty.