Environmental Responsibility


Our wood is obtained from many different commercial, retail and private sources. We strongly believe in environmental responsibility and do our best to ensure that our suppliers follow responsible purchasing, sourcing and harvesting practices. Some of our suppliers are FSC certified, but as the exact origin of every wood blank, billet or board purchased cannot be 100% guaranteed to us, we are not able to claim 100% compliance to FSC or other standards. We do however promise to be diligent when selecting suppliers and sourcing wood for our products.

We believe that environmental responsibility goes beyond just the wood we use.  Our Artisan Spice Mills™ are finished only with the finest quality, Canadian made, earth friendly oils and waxes, and our shopping bags are all recyclable and biodegradable.

We know that we aren’t perfect… but we are working to reduce our environmental footprint and are always striving to find ways to minimize any negative impact that our business has on the environment.

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