Caring for your wood bowl

There are many great wood finishes and treatments out there.  When choosing a product that is right for wood bowls, cutting boards, and other kitchen woodenware, look for one that:

  • is non-toxic and food safe
  • moisturizes the wood surface
  • doesn’t add a gummy residue
  • is easy to apply
  • is affordable

 Salad Bowl & Cutting Board Wood Cream from Spicemills.caWe recommend Salad Bowl & Cutting Board Wood Cream from Designed to help protect, revitalize, and beautify, this rich wood cream will give your woodenware a beautiful satin lustre hand-rubbed look and feel. Use it regularly to care for your kitchen woodenware (e.g., wood bowls, cutting boards, butcher blocks, pepper mills, knife blocks, utensils . . . and much more).

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Bowl Care

Turned wood bowls from Spicemills.caWood is beautiful, warm, and quite utilitarian. With minimal care, your hand turned wood bowl will last for years. Remember, wood is a natural substance and individual differences are normal from piece to piece. Depending on the specific piece of wood, the differences can be very subtle or in some cases quite dramatic.

Enjoy your woodenware from While some natural edge or open bark bowls may be purely decorative, most of our bowls are designed to be a great combination of art and function. Here are some general guidelines to help ensure that your woodenware stays looking and working great for years to come.

  • To protect and beautify your wood bowl, treat it on a regular basis using only non-toxic food safe oils and waxes.
  • Do not use vegetable oil to treat your wood bowl (or any wooden kitchenware) as the oil may go rancid over time. Instead use an oil that contains food grade mineral oil and beeswax (other non-toxic food safe ingredients are OK too, but make sure that there are no added chemicals or solvents).
  • If washing is necessary, only wash by hand using a damp cloth (warm water and mild dish soap only) and towel dry immediately and thoroughly after washing.  Always re-oil/wax after drying.
  • Never immerse or soak your wood bowl in water.
  • Never wash your wood bowl in the dishwasher.
  • Never place your wood bowl in the freezer, oven or microwave.
  • Store your wood bowl in a dry location, at room temperature, out of direct sunlight, away from hot, cold and humid areas. (As with any natural wood items, excessive heat, cold or moisture may dry the surface oil, and causes warping, splitting, and cracking).
  • Do not bring any kitchen woodenware from hot to cold or cold to hot as this could result in warping and cracking.  Allow sufficient time for wood to acclimatize between uses.