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End of an Era: Spicemills.ca owners retire and close business on December 31, 2015

Originally started as a hobby woodturning business 20 years ago, Spicemills.ca evolved into a full time artisanal-micro-manufacturing business in 2010 when we began crafting and selling one-of-a-kind handmade artisan spice mills. Now, after handcrafting well over a thousand mills, we announced our retirement earlier this year. True to our June 24, 2015 press release, Spicemills.ca officially closed on December 31, 2015.

Unfortunately, old injuries had finally caught up with Irwin (who does all the design and production work). Crafting these spice mills is truly a labour of love, but with chronic back issues, it had become more and more difficult to stand and work in the shop for the lengthy periods of time required.

Selling by word of mouth, online, in local gallery shops and at art, craft and food shows across Southern Ontario had kept us very busy over the past five years. With the majority of sales coming from the show circuit (we did 17 in 2014), the constant set up and take down process, which involved heavy lifting, had caused further problems for Irwin’s back. We are both very proud of what we have accomplished, but given the ongoing health issues, we believe that this was the right time to gracefully and respectfully wind down Spicemills.ca.

Thank you for all your messages and greeting over the past few months.  Your kind words are very much appreciated.  We have also be overwhelmed with requests to purchase any remaining mills and are sad to announce that we are completely sold out.

This is a bitter sweet moment for us as we prepare to close this chapter in our lives. Spicemills.ca was a success beyond what we could ever have imagined, an outstanding experience, and an extremely important part of our lives. We are so grateful for all the tremendous feedback we have received from customers over the years, and want to thank everyone who has purchased or used one of our mills, and all those who helped us along the way.

Thank you for your patronage and support… Bon appetite.
Susan & Irwin Seidman

As announced in our original June 24, 2015 retirement announcement…  Our handmade artisan spice mills are an exceptionally high quality product and the rate of returns and repairs has been extremely low. That said, we did highlight the fact that any and all clams for return or repair, must have been made prior to the December 31, 2015 business closure. We want all of our past customers to always be happy with their Spicemills.ca mill, but once the business has closed (December 31, 2015), we will not be in a position to undertake any returns or repair work.  Sorry for any inconvenience this might cause.